What started in 1925 as a father and son team delivering tomatoes from farms in Delaware and Maryland to markets in Philadelphia, is now a family of businesses rooted in logistics technology, warehousing and freight solutions, and reliable and expert customer service. While still a family business — now in its fifth generation — and without compromising its core values of integrity, commitment to true partnerships with service excellence, and an innovative solutions-focused spirit, Burris Logistics has also adapted with the times, and experienced significant growth.

Following the acquisitions of Honor Foods and Trinity Logistics, Burris Logistics grew into a more dynamic company with wide-ranging solutions and the ability to foster partnerships across virtually all industries in the supply chain. With this growth, it is important to remind ourselves, as well as current and future partners, that we are more than three different businesses with common leadership, but rather — we are ONEBURRIS.

“We are thrilled to launch our new ONEBURRIS website. ONEBURRIS is a true representation of how the Burris Logistics family of brands operates. Burris Logistics, as a parent company to Burris, Trinity Logistics, and Honor Foods, is both end-to-end supply chain management and a culture of serving our Team Members and Partners.”

– Donnie Burris, President/CEO

The ONEBURRIS philosophy is ‘team before self,’ fostering collaboration to promote our full brand line capabilities and increase our customer engagement. To support this philosophy comes this new website — ONEBURRIS.com — a central hub of knowledge demonstrating our full suite of supply chain solutions and connecting our partners to the resources they need to make strategic logistics partnerships.

As you check out our new website, we would like to share some commonly used links, helping connect you to the areas of ONEBURRIS.com you likely need most.

Commonly Used Links

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Trinity Logistics is proud to recognize Hayley Dobson as one of the Women in Trucking Association’s (WIT) “Top Women to Watch in Transportation.” Dobson holds the title of Group Vice President at Trinity and has been with the company for 18 years.

Each year, WIT’s editorial staff for Redefining the Road magazine recognizes these individuals for their career accomplishments over the past 12 to 18 months, and their efforts to promote gender diversity.

“Despite the many challenges the last few years have brought, Hayley has responded with ingenuity, courage, and determination,” said Trinity’s President, Sarah Ruffcorn. “We are thrilled Hayley has been included in WIT’s 2022 Top Women to Watch.” 

Throughout her years at Trinity, Dobson has risen through the ranks, beginning as a dispatcher, and now serving as the Group Vice President, overseeing all of Trinity’s Regional Service Centers. Her strategic thinking and continuous review of processes has helped to ensure Trinity provides the best service to carriers, shippers, and Team Members.

Additionally, Dobson uses her own experience and skillset to ensure other women have access to both leadership training and leadership opportunities within the company and industry. Trinity Logistics is proud to have Dobson as an integral part of its Team and Executive Leadership.

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. Over the most recent few years, online retail and online grocery shopping have grown exponentially — giving retailers, producers, manufacturers and consumers more powerful tools to utilize. However, this growth has presented challenges to our partners and difficulties in keeping up with increasing order volume.

At Burris Logistics, we are experts in fulfilling the end-to-end supply chain needs for our e-commerce partners. And our solutions and services extend far beyond product storage and transportation.

As a partner with dedication and experience, we provide our e-commerce partners with full-service logistics solutions including:

Let’s take a closer look at some of these solutions.

Logistics Technology

Burris Logistics offers logistics technology solutions — allowing our partners complete control and visibility of their entire supply chain.

We have embarked on a technology initiative with the goal of increasing the accuracy and communications regarding shipment locations and predicted arrival times. Burris Logistics Product Manager Gregory Inns described this effort as an investment in efficiency. 

“We are planning to invest in technology that will increase efficiency in our e-commerce replenishment and selection processes, which will allow us to scale up and become more accurate with order processing,” Gregory Inns — Product Manager at Burris Logistics

Burris Logistics’ customized IT Solutions Technology has effectively replaced many of the manual processes behind complex tasks such as inbound appointment scheduling, yielding more efficiency and productivity for our team and and our partners. Logistics Technology is transforming the way we manage time and temperature-sensitive products and how we fulfill our customers’ needs.

Through Logistics Technology, Burris Logistics offers transparency — holding us accountable for executing all our solutions while meeting our partners’ needs and timely delivery. In addition, the Burris Logistics Supply Chain Portal extends our capabilities, allowing us to reach more of our partners’ appropriate carriers, vendors, and brokerage agents to implement Inbound Appointment Scheduling to our distribution centers (DCs). 

Trinity Logistics, a Burris Logistics Company, works hand-in-hand with us on Inbound Deliveries, allowing us to manage all of our partners’ freight through their team.

The Logistics Technology at Burris Logistics yields more operational accuracy within our cold chain operations. When it comes to dealing with specialty products such as meat, ice cream, and other temperature-sensitive goods, we understand the importance of accuracy and precision. Our technology allows us to ensure the safe handling and distribution of the products we manage. Additionally, by utilizing scales at the end of our pick lines, we have the ability to correctly weigh our partners’ products with and without the dry ice they require.

Dry ice plays an important role in the e-commerce process by keeping products refrigerated in their boxes at the temperature needed to maintain their freshness and integrity. Our technology allows us to see the fluctuation in the line types and dry ice amounts used for each specific product. In addition, we offer dry ice sourcing and can provide gel packs when that coolant is preferred. This helps to keep landed costs down.

Temperature-Controlled Warehousing

Burris Logistics’ storage capabilities allow us to store frozen and refrigerated products in a friendly environment.  In addition to frozen and refrigerated products, our facility in Waukesha, WI, can also store dry/ambient products.

Frozen food items and direct-to-consumer meals/frozen products that can be delivered right to the consumer’s door has been a fast-growing and highly-desired solution. Among the main reasons for giving preference to frozen food items are:

We offer proper storage and packaging of these products to reach consumer homes safely.

Temperature-controlled warehousing capabilities are vital to our variety of partners. We understand that different products require specific environments, which is why our facilities are designed to support a number of different temperatures and humidities — depending on your unique needs. 

Our Logistics Technology gives us the ability to closely monitor each environment and deploy cutting-edge tools such as our Produce Inspection Tool to inspect the quality of the produce coming into our warehouses for our partners.

Parcel Shipping Costs

The overall cost of an e-commerce order is tied to parcel shipping rates. At Burris Logistics, we help mitigate that barrier of entry for our partners’ customers by helping to keep parcel shipping costs low. Our aggregate approach with FED-Ex, UPS, and other local carriers allow us to keep delivery costs low and accuracy high.  

Coast-to-Coast Delivery Solutions

Our e-commerce partners are able to reach a maximum number of consumer households with reliable service and delivery solutions for both the east and west coasts. A large part of this is due to Burris Logistics’ geographic footprint

Our e-commerce partners are empowered to scale their business at their own pace by utilizing Burris Logistics’ strategic locations across the U.S. We recognize that e-commerce is about reaching customers. For our e-commerce partners, Burris Logistics acts as their supply chain, providing expertise, temperature-controlled warehouses, logistics technology, and more to ensure that their product is delivered fresh and on time. Our strategic locations give us the ability to deliver any order in the continental United States in two days or fewer. As a company dedicated to e-commerce brands, we are constantly expanding our network of Direct-to-Consumer warehouses to gain faster parcel shipping capabilities as well as the type of products we can handle from food to dry products. 

Growing Consumer Interest in Frozen Foods

Published on August 11, 2020: The promising rebound in the foodservice industry in June gave many hopes that things would soon return to normal. However, the continuous increase in COVID-19 cases in the U.S. convinced the states to roll back the reopening phases, which led to restaurants opening at limited capacity. Buying groceries online or in-store and cooking at home remained the main focus for American families for many weeks to come. According to an AFFI report, “90% of consumers are eating more meals prepared at home versus pre-pandemic. Besides, 73% of consumers are taking more time to prepare meals than usual – both present big opportunities for the frozen food department.”

Among the main reasons for giving preference to frozen food items are the longer shelf-life, time-savings on preparation, the ability to stock-up in case of food shortages, and limiting trips to grocery stores. 

Besides the growing interest in frozen foods, consumers adopted new shopping methods and started to rely more on buying products online. U.S. Grocery Shopping Trends 2020 report conducted by FMI states that “Last year shoppers reported online grocery spend represented 10.5% of all grocery spending. That figure rose to 14.5% in February of 2020 and surged to 27.9% in the March/April period.” The fast-growing surge shows that the demand for online grocery shopping will not only remain stable but also will keep ascending. According to AFFI, “50% of consumers expect they will purchase a lot more (18%) or somewhat more (32%) frozen foods in the next few months compared to their pre-pandemic level.”

Burris Logistics is proud to be a leader in frozen and refrigerated food supply-chain solutions. We can offer our partners, cold-chain expertise, innovative technology integrations, competitive parcel shipping rates, and next-day distribution to 87% of the United States population. We have e-Commerce fulfillment sites in New Castle, DE, Jacksonville, FL, Oklahoma City, OK, Federalsburg, MD, and we have access to an e-fulfillment facility in California. We offer a unique opportunity to combine our technology and knowledgeable team members to create a turn-key approach to fulfillment for your e-commerce customers. Here, at Burris Logistics, we do it with WOW Service!

We are very proud to promote and highlight our Burris Supply Chain Portal (BSCP), not only to our Team Members and Partners but also to anyone in need of consolidating their supply chain software. Our BSCP enables us to integrate with our partners fully, so they receive the most time-efficient and accurate updates of their product’s integrity, storage, and transportation. The transparency we are able to provide our partners is one aspect of the WOW Service our Team can showcase. 

The supply chain industry is a complicated, unpredictable, and sensitive industry that requires an end-to-end supply chain partner that can manage every aspect of their partner’s products with expertise and transparency. At Burris Logistics, we are proud to offer an easier workflow to our partners, and that allows them to manage their entire supply chain from one portal.

“The value of our BSCP to our supply chain partners is to have all parties in the chain with the same information, at the same time, so that they can work together more efficiently to deliver the right products, to the right people, at the right time,” Jeffery Inns, Product Manager. 

By building our own Supply Chain Portal, we can include the aspects we know our partners need to ensure a safe, efficient, and transparent third-party logistics (3PL) experience. A lot of our partners express the need for planning information, purchasing assistance, and more. 

Some of the top features we use on our BSCP include the Demand Planning Feature, the Purchase Order Management feature, and Distribution Center (DC) Appointment Management Features. These features allow us to streamline the process of getting our partner’s top-quality products from food producers to food distribution centers.  

After 96 years of service in the supply chain industry, we are proud to continuously explore new ways of making our processes run smoother not only for our Team but also for our partners. If you would like to learn how to simplify your supply chain watch a quick video about our BCSP. 


It is no secret that shipping in the supply chain is in crisis right now, but how does that impact the lives of everyday consumers and businesses this upcoming holiday season? 

“The freight transportation market is under an enormous amount of pressure, with continued high demand due to elevated consumer spending and capacity still being extremely constrained, it is pushing prices higher and higher. We see strong demand in almost every vertical we serve and are doing our best to meet our customers’ needs. 

With the holiday season upon us, we don’t see volume slowing down anytime soon, and many experts are saying that this market will continue through the end of 2022. We are counseling our customers to provide as much lead time as possible and requesting flexibility on loading/unloading hours to increase our opportunities to secure trucks and get their freight delivered,” Hayley Dobson, Group Vice President, Trinity Logistics – A Burris Logistics Company.

Receiving products promptly for holiday meals, gifts, and everyday consumption is of the utmost importance to Burris Logistics as a trusted end-to-end supply chain partner. Check out some of the ways we are continuing to MAKE IT HAPPEN throughout this shipping crisis. 


The logistics behind our supply chain distribution provide our partners with visibility and control; they utilize this complete transparency to hold us accountable for execution with expertise, safety, and efficiency. During a time of high intensity in the shipping world, our partners must have a reliable end-to-end supply chain partner they can trust to keep their products on track with the aspects they can control of the supply chain.

One tool we use to highlight our dependability is our Burris Supply Chain Portal (BSCP), which fully integrates with our partners. Hence, they receive the most time-efficient and accurate updates of their product’s integrity, storage, and transportation.

Burris Logistics, with our more than 96 years of experience, has seen various supply chain challenges. Our team continues to face challenges and develop solutions and services that further serve our partner’s needs beyond just storage and transportation of their products. 

As a dedicated and experienced partner, we can provide our partners with logistics technology, temperature-controlled warehousing, backhaul capability with a dedicated fleet, procurement, specialized packaging, parcel shipping rate pricing, dry ice handling, and much more.  

“Through freight partnerships, we move loads at as fast of a pace as the ports can handle. As a warehousing partner, these loads are met by a team of warehousing professionals that ensure timely unloading to maximize driver hours. A true partner eases supply chain congestion and manages costs.”

Nick Falk, SVP of Business Development, Burris Logistics


During the holiday season and through the pandemic, our fleet felt the demand for increased load counts coupled with increased backhauls. They met the new demands while also adhering to particular safety protocols and maintaining their timeliness. 

At Burris Logistics, we not only have our dedicated fleet that serves the entire east coast, mid-west, and venturing into additional locations, but we also are grateful to have Trinity Logistics that provides different modes of transportation to ensure timely delivery of products. Trinity Logistics allows us to include intermodal, expedited, international, and LTL shipping methods. 

“Burris Logistics deliberately created a diverse and efficient supply chain. As both an asset-based distribution partner and a freight broker with Trinity Logistics, we see the impact that container ship congestion has had on the supply chain first hand,” said Nick Falk, SVP of Business Development, Burris Logistics “As a partner with a vertically integrated supply chain, we can support port operations, offering transportation solutions and homes for the goods stored in the containers.

Through freight partnerships, we move loads at as fast of a pace as the ports can handle. As a warehousing partner, these loads are met by a team of warehousing professionals that ensure timely unloading to maximize driver hours. A true partner eases supply chain congestion and manages costs.” 

Throughout the shipping crisis and every day, our fleet is a point of pride for our Team, And we maintain our fleet to serve both our hard-working team members and our partners. They represent dependability, stability, quality service, safety, and much more. 


Our storing, procurement, transportation, and distribution solutions are very particular in the way they run. Especially during a crisis, we strive not to be a point of congestion in the supply chain. Therefore, one of our primary goals is to ensure prompt delivery and complete visibility of our partner’s orders to keep everyone satisfied and prepared 24/7. 

Proper handling of our partner’s products includes:

Since there are delays in the shipping world, we depend on our resources, dedicated fleet, and Trinity Logistics to get the job done efficiently. 

We want to assist our partners in reaching a maximum number of consumers with ease, reliability, and without headaches. A large part of handling this throughout the shipping crisis is due to our geographic footprint and transportation methods.

Logistics technology — especially when dealing with temperature-sensitive products — is not as simple as downloading an app update on your digital device. Burris Logistics’ customized technology solutions, powered by more than 100 talented Team Members, improves supply chain efficiency, boosts profitability and productivity, and allows for crystal clear transparency for our partners. 

Our customized IT technology places our partners ahead of the curve through 360 degree visibility for all parties involved in the food logistics supply chain process. The technology ensures partners are alerted as new and pertinent information becomes available. Our technology solutions are customized to a partner’s needs — providing important details while allowing them to focus on what they do best.  

“Our solutions reflect our commitment to ‘get like the customer,'”said Burris Logistics Project manager Gregory Inns. “Which means that we try to figure out what questions they have and why. We then craft our solutions to answer those questions in the most direct way.”

In the last few years, we have prioritized efforts to improve our technology and IT Solutions to better serve our partners. We have seen the evolution of the Burris Supply Chain Portal, allowing us to expand our capabilities for both partners and Burris Logistics operation teams. We now reach more carriers, vendors, and brokerage agents through the implementation of Inbound Appointment Scheduling to our distribution centers (DCs). 

“Internally, we’ve raised the visibility of activity in the yards at several DCs, both in terms of backhauls that are waiting and temporary storage trailers; reduced the effort, and increased the efficiency of our schedulers and receiving administrative staff. We’ve made great strides to strengthen the security of our applications by implementing true multi-factor authentication,” said Inns.

Burris Logistics is also increasing the accuracy and communication around the location and predicted arrival times of shipments. There is also a commitment to invest in technology to increase efficiency in our e-commerce replenishment and selection processes, which will allow us to scale up and become more accurate with order processing.”

Our customized IT Solutions Technology has lessened the manual efforts required to manage complex tasks like inbound appointment scheduling, easing and increasing efficiency and productivity our partners and the Burris Logistics team. Logistics Technology transforms the way we manage time and temperature-sensitive products and how we fulfill the needs of our customers.

We Make I.T. Happen!

Redistribution is done right at Honor Foods in Philadelphia, a Burris Logistics Company. So when people ask why you choose Honor Foods as your redistribution partner, the answer is easy: The Sales Team. Our Sales Team is more than just a voice on the other end of the phone; they are the reason we MAKE IT HAPPEN at Honor Foods.

“People don’t buy from Honor Foods; they buy from me. I want to be the best person they deal with no matter what the circumstance. I take pride knowing I do my best to deliver on any kind of promise,” Dana Norris, Inside Sales Representative.

“People don’t buy from Honor Foods; they buy from me. I want to be the best person they deal with no matter what the circumstance. I take pride knowing I do my best to deliver on any kind of promise,” Dana Norris, Inside Sales Representative.  

Honor Foods is one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest, well-trusted foodservice redistribution companies, and we don’t take that lightly. Our company offers flexibility, competitive prices, fast delivery, attention to detail, responsiveness, expert cold storage, and added buying power to provide our customers with flexibility within their business and accuracy with their inventory needs. But, of course, none of this could happen without our people.

“People don’t buy from Honor Foods; they buy from me. I want to be the best person they deal with no matter what the circumstance. I take pride knowing I do my best to deliver on any kind of promise,” Dana Norris, Inside Sales Representative.  

Lisa Bond, Regional Sales Manager, “The best part about Honor Foods is the people, the connectivity, we all work really hard, but at the end of the day, we have a lot of laughs and genuinely like each other.”

The redistribution industry is a dynamic field that we love being a part of because our dedicated solutions allow us to better serve our customers by providing quality end-to-end supply chain solutions. We rank #1 overall among surveyed customers for product knowledge, frequency of contact, salesperson’s empowerment/decision making, problem resolution, and buying group and category management support.  

The foodservice industry is personal, and at Honor Foods, we do our best to provide team member-driven solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Our Sales Team talks to their customers daily to ensure stellar customer service and ensure their business needs are met.

Not only do we provide WOW Service to our customers, but we provide a sense of belonging and family for our Team. Lisa Bond, Regional Sales Manager, “The best part about Honor Foods is the people, the connectivity, we all work really hard, but at the end of the day, we have a lot of laughs and genuinely like each other.”

Honor Foods Purchasing Team knows how to MAKE IT HAPPEN for our vendors.

At Honor Foods in Philadelphia, PA, the relationship we build with our food vendors is essential in our food redistribution business’s productivity, efficiency, and profitability. So when vendors ask why they should choose Honor Foods, a Burris Logistics Company, the answer is because we MAKE IT HAPPEN as experts in redistribution at Honor Foods. 

Redistribution is not an easy industry; we know first hand the challenges that are faced. However, our Purchasing Team is willing to go the extra mile to ensure we meet vendors’ unique needs when they choose to work with us. We are one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest, most well-trusted foodservice redistribution companies. This means flexibility, competitive prices, fast delivery, attentiveness, responsiveness, and accuracy have to be a part of our supply chain process. 

Our Team makes all of this happen for us. Our Purchasing Team is a massive asset in fulfilling the standards and expectations we have set as an organization. The foodservice industry is personal, and at Honor Foods, we do our best to provide team member-driven solutions to meet our vendors’ needs. 

“As a newcomer to the purchasing department. The culture is very friendly, laid back, and flexible. I love that everybody is friends. We all have the common goal to get Honor Foods to be next level,” Michaelle Millien, Data Analyst.

“As a newcomer to the purchasing department. The culture is very friendly, laid back, and flexible. I love that everybody is friends. We all have the common goal to get Honor Foods to be next level,” Michaelle Millien, Data Analyst. 

Why do vendors partner with us at Honor Foods? 

One reason vendors choose to partner with us at Honor Foods is our Purchasing Team. Our Team is an experienced group of individuals that know exactly what is important to our vendor partners. We strive to be easy to work with, keeping it simple, and our expertise to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

“What we do at Honor Foods is make sure your needs are met and make sure we work hand and hand with our Sales Team to make sure everything that is important to you is important to us,” Joe Adams, VP of Sales and Purchasing.

There are multiple reasons, and Rick D’Egidio, Director of Purchasing, does a great job explaining pricing, which is another one of the reasons why vendors partner with us.

“Since costs are high to service small, LTL orders, manufacturers use Honor Foods to manage their customers that can not order in large quantities. To keep the warehouse, shipping, and accounting costs down, manufacturers ship larger orders to Honor and then Honor inventories each item and ships smaller amounts to their distributor customers. Not only does this relationship provide cost savings to the manufacturer, but it also creates market penetration by allowing access to distributors that may not have been able to create large enough direct shipments,” D’Egidio.

“Burris gives Honor the ability to adapt to ongoing industry constraints and provide a larger geographic footprint than most other redistributors in the industry, “Rick D’Egidio, Director of Purchasing.

Our parent company, Burris Logistics, is an additional solution for us to provide a high level of service at Honor Foods. They can provide financial investment opportunities and additional end-to-end supply chain support that most regional redistributors do not have. They offer assistance with funding a larger warehouse, consistent freight management options, temperature-controlled warehousing options throughout the east coast and midwest, or upgrading our logistics technology to serve our partners and vendors’ needs better. 

“Burris gives Honor the ability to adapt to ongoing industry constraints and provide a larger geographic footprint than most other redistributors in the industry,” D’Egidio.

Our vendors and partners should expect simplicity, expertise, wholehearted effort to assist with their business’s growth, and general supply chain support. In addition, we want relationships to be beneficial with our partners and vendors.

“Our manufacturers can expect a true partner. We really want to be an extension of them and believe in being honest and transparent, so they know what’s going on with their business,” Erin Macnabb, Buyer.

Honor Foods Philadelphia

We are excited to announce that Honor Foods Philadelphia, a Burris Logistics company, has officially opened the doors to their new warehouse and is MAKING IT HAPPEN!

The new 5505 Tacony Street location features 33 loading docks that exponentially improve all levels of service and create much shorter wait times for pick-ups and deliveries. Orders are now picked more efficiently with new state-of-the-art warehousing and inventory technologies. A more fluid point of access to I-95, I-76, the Pennsylvania & NJ Turnpikes, and the four major bridges that serve Philadelphia’s surrounding regions is also a major perk.

Look forward to an expanded product portfolio featuring new vendors, more product categories, and the inclusion of more foodservice industry segments. This greatly expanded space has also maximized their buying positions on the commodity markets.

burris facility
Honor Foods, Philadelphia Warehouse Location.

Honor’s new size now allows for substantial growth opportunities and increases their strategic partnerships with their foodservice distributors and vendors.

Joe Adams, VP of Honor Foods, explains, “We are actively planning the expansion of our selling footprint and are moving towards growing our service areas into the Southeast as well as the Midwestern parts of Tennessee and Kentucky.” 

Coordinating with these increased physical capabilities, Honor Foods will also be expanding employment opportunities over the next ten years by adding over 100 new jobs.

New Philadelphia facility to create more than 100 new jobs over 10 years as well as significantly improve service and capabilities.

Philadelphia, PA — Honor Foods, a Burris Logistics company, is in the final stage of moving its current Philadelphia operation from its North 5th Street location to a new warehouse at 5505 Tacony Street. The final day of business in its current location will be Thursday, January 7, preparing for a Monday, January 11 opening of the new warehouse. Honor Foods worked closely with the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation to identify a suitable site within the city, eventually choosing a 20-acre parcel sitting within the former Frankford Military Arsenal site that closed in 1977.

Honor Foods is a foodservice redistribution company that purchases food and beverages from manufacturers and sells exclusively to foodservice distributors. The new warehouse and office will provide Honor Foods with the capacity it requires to broaden its product portfolio to better serve its nearly 800 customers in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states. The $50M project will enable Honor Foods to increase its business significantly and will create over 100 new jobs through its first ten years at the new location. Honor Foods just celebrated its 70th year in business.

Walt Tullis
President, Honor Foods
Bobby Bailey
VP of Marketing, Burris Logistics
5505 Tacony Street, Philadelphia, PA 19137
501 SE 5th Street, Milford DE 19963