The Burris Logistics Enterprise, Brands Offering End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions

The Burris Logistics Enterprise, Brands Offering End-to-End Supply Chain Solutions

When it comes to direct-to-consumer fulfillment, temperature-controlled warehousing, and distribution —one size does not fit all.

Trinity Logistics ranks among the top 20 Freight Brokerage companies in the U.S. with over 70,000 authorized carriers and a full suite of transportation solutions.

One of the largest and most trusted foodservice redistribution companies, Honor Foods specializes in refrigerated, frozen, dry, and dairy products from the best-known brands.

Leaders in Logistics Since 1925

Burris Logistics is a family-owned and operated third-party logistics company providing partnerships for end-to-end supply chain management. Our solutions include direct-to-consumer fulfillment, foodservice redistribution, temperature-controlled warehousing, freight management, and information technology. We accomplish this with three distinct brands: Burris Logistics, Trinity Logistics, and Honor Foods. Each provides a unique link to a connected supply chain. Together, we are ONEBURRIS, a mantra where we can deploy any brand or solution to support your business need as a true partner.

Burris Logistics provides temperature-controlled warehousing, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, logistics technology, and more. As a result, our partners trust us to store their products safely, and well-known e-commerce brands know that we can deliver safely to their customer’s doorsteps. Honor Foods specializes in foodservice redistribution of refrigerated, frozen, dry, and dairy products from quality brands. Value adds are flexibility and responsiveness, allowing distributors to order precisely what they need. Trinity Logistics is freight brokerage with a personal twist. Trinity’s people-centric team brokers freight using over 70,000 carriers across shipping lanes nationwide, and they personally manage it with people and technology every step of the way.

Many logistics companies provide services and assets, but Burris Logistics provides partnerships. Clearly you need warehouses and trucks to store and move products. But a true partner provides a family of Team Members who are committed to you. Burris Logistics and its child brands share one major consistency. We treat our customers like partners and our employees like family. When you realize that the work you do is essential for American families, you treat the tasks and your Teammates a little differently. At Burris Logistics, when we say people matter, we mean it, and it shows in the long-term commitments we are known for.

Burris Logistics is prepared to help our customers maximize these opportunities with end-to-end supply chain management.

From temperature-controlled and dry storage to logistics technology and direct-to-consumer fulfillment, from freight solutions to food redistribution, Burris Logistics believes in transparent long-term relationships and is willing to make substantial investments for the right partners. We strive to maintain a high level of flexibility in providing customized solutions and a greater level of agility in execution while maintaining cost efficiencies. Like you, we believe that progress starts with people, and there is nothing more rewarding than collaborating with our team members and the people from our industry to discover innovative solutions.

Our doors and minds are always open and we welcome your challenges. We have the solutions to make it happen.

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