A Value-Added Redistributor

Honor Foods

Honor Foods, a Burris Logistics Company, is one of the Mid-Atlantic region’s largest and most trusted foodservice redistribution partners.

Honor Foods specializes in frozen, refrigerated, dairy, and dry products with over 3000 stocked items from 300+ trusted suppliers. We also offer customers additional options with several exclusive house brands.

The professionalism, flexibility, and responsiveness of our people make it easy to purchase efficiently. The Honor Foods Team works to lower minimums, shorten lead times, reduce inventory, and improve cash flow to increase your profit.

As a redistributor, our Team Members work closely with vendors to ensure the right product mix. We take that product mix and make it available to our distributor partners, who ensure that foodservice operators at restaurants have the quality ingredients to sell their menu.

Honor Foods provides the following services:

  • Foodservice Redistribution
  • 3000 stocked items from 300 brand name companies
  • Quality and value in-house brands
  • Low minimums, short lead times
  • Mid-Atlantic and Northeast (14 states) reach
  • Buying group for enhanced purchasing power
  • Commodity driven competitive pricing
  • Serving foodservice restaurants, academic institutions, and government facilities

Honor Foods