Trend-setting Logistics Deep-rooted Values

Visions / Values

Our Core Values support the vision, shape the culture and define the principles of Burris Logistics. For generations, the Burris Logistics culture defined our approach to managing, investing, and growing our company. Today, these “deep-rooted values” are the very essence of the Burris Logistics brand. Family businesses with long histories of serving their communities and customers are driven to uphold this legacy. We are extremely proud of our contributions to making great things happen.

Through WOW SERVICE, we value RELATIONSHIPS — with our customers, our team, and the community. We build successful relationships with our customers through service beyond expectations, with our team through respect and re-investment, with the community through responsible stewardship and servant leadership.

With a commitment to GET IT RIGHT we value INNOVATION — through technology, communication, and fulfillment. In an environment that embraces change, we invest in technology as a means to improve personalized service; we invite communication at all levels to gain insights into opportunities for improvement; we commit to maintaining our leading-edge reputation through consistent investment and collaborative culture.

Through a unique discovery process, we engage in advanced technology to meet the specific needs of our customers, or the consumers. From order entry to real-time product tracking, we use technology to expedite the logistics process and drive down costs at all levels.

With a fully-staffed and internal technology team, we develop our own software — making us unique in this industry — enabling us to do things faster than our competitors. We make it easy for technologies to meet and connect on virtually any platform and environment.

We MAKE IT HAPPEN through LEADERSHIP — that enhances productivity, empowers others, and encourages growth. The embodiment of our values, our leaders define immediate and long-term corporate success through mastery of key measurements, positive motivation, and strong example-setting as a method of developing others.

I AM BURRIS through INTEGRITY — displayed by doing the right thing for our organization and ourselves. By embracing what we value in both our professional and personal lives, we earn trust through decisions and actions that are empathetic and mindful of the impact on others.

We’re more than a logistics solutions provider — we’re a partner — with you every step of the way.