Wellness Deadline Extended

Important Wellness Program Update

Great news! You now have until¬†November 1, 2021, to attend your annual physical to meet your Wellness Program deadline if you haven’t done that already. It’s your chance to earn a $50 Wellness Reward AND avoid surcharges.

Attending your annual wellness check-up is important to keep a pulse on your health. Visiting with your provider could catch any health trends, reduce the risk of catastrophic health events, save you money in the long term, and help you manage your care needs. For more information, log in to b.well or check in with your friendly location HR Team.

In most cases your physician will not need to fill out any forms this year. When they bill Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, you will receive your points and your $50 reward.

Check b.Well if you have already completed your physical and biometrics but haven’t received your reward/points as of yet. Your location HR Team will have access to a pdf form if for some reason your physical was not billed correctly through your physician’s office.

If you need help scheduling your appointment the b.Well Concierge Team can help! Email support@icanbwell.com
Author: Trish Metts