Trinity Foundation Scavenger Hunt: COVID-19 Edition

Are you looking for a fun activity WITH a chance at winning a cash prize ($$$)? Then sign up for the Trinity Foundation Scavenger Hunt – Covid-19 Edition!

How does it work?

Teams of 2-6 people will work together to find and take pictures of items and/or tasks. Each item/task is worth a certain amount of points. The list of items/tasks will not be sent until 10am day of and pictures must be sent in by 2pm, same day. The team with the most points wins!

When is it?

October 24th from 10am – 2pm

What do I need to know to sign up?

This is not open to the public, however friends of or family members of a Trinity or Burris Team Member may participate. At least one member of the scavenger hunt team must be a part of Trinity Logistics or Burris Logistics for the team to be eligible.

Entry fee is $20 per team.

To enter, email You will need to get a registration form and waiver signed by each team member. The entry fee may be submitted through a donation online, or processed through a credit/debit card or check with Chris. Please let us know how you plan on paying the entry fee in your email.

Registration is due by 5pm Friday, October 16th.

Author: Trish Metts