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Collaborative E-Commerce Solutions: It’s What We Do.

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. Over the most recent…

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Burris Supply Chain Portal — Simplify Your Workflow

The supply chain industry is a complicated, unpredictable, and sensitive industry that requires an end-to-end…

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Shipping Crisis and the Supply Chain — In the News

The logistics behind our supply chain distribution provide our partners with visibility and control; they…

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Making I.T. Happen with Innovative Technology

Our customized IT technology places our partners ahead of the curve through 360 degree visibility for all…

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Honor Foods Sales Team: Experts in Redistribution.

Redistribution is done right at Honor Foods in Philadelphia, a Burris Logistics Company. So when…

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Honor Foods Purchasing Team: Experts In Redistribution.

At Honor Foods in Philadelphia, PA, the relationship we build with our food vendors is…

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