20K in 2020

One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time.

We’ve made some great progress so far! In the first quarter of the calendar year, we’ve logged 478 hours – and there’s even a Burris Team Member in the Top Ten! Keep doing what you are doing Team and stay focused. In order to hit our goal, we will need to get logging! Of course, we LOVE when you donate your time and resources to Trinity/Trinity Foundation Events but ALL volunteer hours can be counted – no matter where you earn them. Think Sunday School to Soup Kitchen!

Volunteer Leaders March 2020

  • Stephanie Clayville (TLI-DE) – 128 Hours
  • Chris Maddox (TLI-DE) – 75 Hours
  • Jessica Dukes (TLI-DE) – 73 Hours
  • Valerie McKenzie (TLI-TX) – 61.5 Hours
  • Jo Cato (TLI-TX) – 56 Hours
  • Ericca Boyce (TLI-DE) – 55 Hours
  • Ashley McAvoy (TLI-DE) – 51 Hours
  • Willy Rojas (TLI-DE) – 40 Hours
  • Cheryl Swain (TLI-DE) – 35 Hours
  • Donald Martin (BURRIS-Jax) – 31.5 Hours

Team Trinity has set the ambitious goal of tracking 20,000 volunteer hours for 2020 and YOU can be a part of that.

Burris Logistics Team Members have been invited to track volunteer hours alongside our Trinity Family. Together we can Make It Happen!

If you are volunteering time coaching youth, helping with civic and community events, helping the homeless, serving others through religious organizations, and more, you can be a part of helping us reach this lofty goal.

If you aren’t currently volunteering but have been curious and looking for opportunities, take some time to think about the type of work that interests you and start talking to your friends, family, and coworkers. I promise someone will know about an organization that would be delighted to have your help. You can also reach out to local non-profit organizations like shelters or use volunteermatch.org to find the right fit.

Join us in measuring our collective efforts – not for glory, but to measure the difference we make together.

If you know of volunteer opportunities and would like to share on ONEBURRIS.com, please send details to tmetts@burrislogistics.com and I’ll get them published for you!

Author: Trish Metts