February 24th is a VERY Important Date in Burris History

Written by: Barb Smith and edited by Sarah Burris Lauzen with help from Howard Burris

February 24th is an important day for Burris! Here is a quick history on the beginning days of Burris and the Burris family.

Our current CEO, Donnie Burris is a 5th generation Burris family member to work in the business.  In 1925 John W. Burris (2nd generation) started a business called Burris Express with 2 accounts – Acme and A&P. His talked his father (1st generation) into riding along in the truck with him and together they created the beginning of our company’s legacy. 

Unfortunately, personal and financial problems forced John W. Burris to merge Burris Express Co into Victor Lynn Lines Trucking Company in 1931.

Then on February 24, 1939 with 2 accounts— the same Acme and A&P, John started again, this time with the name of Burris Food Distributors, Inc. His son, Jack Burris (3rd generation) also became very involved in the business. John W. Burris stayed active in Burris Food Distributors, Inc. until a stroke made working impossible. John W. Burris died on February 24, 1965.His son, Jack Burris succeeded his father at that time amplifying our culture of WOW service, hard work, and strong family values.

Jack and his wife Lillian Burris, their children, Lilla, Bob (4th generation CEO and Donnie’s father), John, and Howard have developed Mr. Burris’ dream into reality. Jack (2004), Bob (2010), Lillian (2014) and Lilla (2017) have since joined heaven. 

Lillian “Lilla” Burris Hoopman

February 24th, 1943 also marks the day Lillian and Jack Burris became parents for the first time! Lillian (Lilla) was born on February 24th—the first daughter born in the Burris Family in four generations!! The photo below shows Jack holding a young Lilla and Lillian holding on to newborn Bob! 

Happy Birthday, Lilla!! Perhaps you thought it was just an ordinary day?! It’s really an extra special day for all of us at Burris Logistics.

Jack with his sons Bob, John, and Howard with Breyers Ice Cream – the number one volume item in our freezers at the time of this photo

Photos of Jack E. Burris

Author: Trish Metts