Craig Holleger Celebrates 45 Years!

Congratulations to Craig Holleger who celebrated 45 Years of service on October 3, 2020.

Humble and hard working to this day, Craig was still a student when he started with Burris. He had to catch the bus at 7AM on weekdays. Back then, canned goods and other food products were stacked onto carts to be loaded onto trailers. Cuts of meat that could weigh as much as the Team Member who carried them were loaded without the assistance of equipment and machinery that we are lucky to use these days.

Indeed, much has changed during his time at Burris Logistics. The biggest difference, according to Craig though, is the way we manage inventory. The precision with which we keep track of pallets now was literally unimagined back in the mid 1970s.

His favorite memory of working at Burris Logistics? Easy: switching from nightshift to days.

Great Grandpa Craig spends time outside of work enjoying family. He also has a part time appliance repair business.

Congratulations Craig on your 45th Anniversary!

Here’s a FUN FACT: Only FOUR Team Members out of 2,187 can boast 45 years or more of service.

  • Drew Bowman – Milford, Delaware
  • Craig Holleger – Harrington, Delaware
  • Ed Melvin – Harrington, Delaware
  • Gary Walstead – Milford, Delaware

Author: Trish Metts