Business Update July 2020

The past four months of dealing with the Coronavirus’s effects have certainly tested us as an organization. The good news is, …as a company, we are strong! Our business always has thin margins …that’s the nature of the food and logistics business and Honor Foods has certainly felt the pressure of restaurants closing down, but that shortfall was more than made up for by a surge in volume through our Retail Grocery and Club store customers in Custom.  Trinity and PRW also have performed exceedingly well throughout this entire year.  Here are a few highlights:

  • Trinity achieved their strongest month on record in the month of May…while working remotely!
  • PRW Plus is now handling over 200,000 eCommerce orders per month going directly to households throughout the country.  Expect to see continued growth in this area during the next year.
  • Custom was able to renew the ACME contract and also has been awarded Safeway’s frozen business, which will substantially increase the business being handled in Harrington and starts later this month.
  • Honor Foods is well underway on the construction of a new distribution center, which will allow us to triple the size of this business by bringing significant supply chain efficiencies to both manufacturers and Foodservice distributors.
  • The ONEBURRIS Team is making wonderful progress by working across all four business units to create more powerful solutions for customers that utilize all of our capabilities.

So to those of you that have weathered the storms of the last several months…please know that you possess uncommon perseverance and toughness.  You have made a genuine difference in countless lives around this country.  We could not do this without you and I appreciate it more than you know!   I am so proud of our company and how we have pulled together during the last four months. Over the next couple of weeks, we are sending 2100 hoodies out to all locations as a small token of our appreciation for all of you that helped us get through this time.

Have a great week,